Gordon: I spent a few days at a conference on “Building a Healthy City” in Groningen, a university town of about 200,000 in the northern Netherlands.  So this week, images from that city – beginning with the view outside my hotel window:

IMG_7524 (Large)

More than Amsterdam, Groningen is a “World Cycling City,” where 61 percent of journeys are made by bicycle.


  1. Pricetags is getting boring and obsurd.

    Cycling will be relevant when Vancouver wakes up to the absolute destructive irrellevance of the automobile: in the meantime PT just regurgitates the same old same old time and time again.

    The Nertherlands is flat, most of it swamp land regained from the sea: it is a struggle to keep the place dry. (Everyone has read the fable of the little boy with his fist in the dike!)

    Yorkshire’s Holderness area, where I was born, is the same.

    In the Yorkshire thirties and forties the bicycle and tram were the way to get around: ’50’s Vancouver too.

    When the masses can no longer afford to flaunt their egos with shiny trinkets (bikes, autos,good heavens we’re even talking flying saucers) only then will there be change.

    There are alternatives . . . http://www.theyorkshirelad.ca/1yorkshirelad/vancouver.re-boot/Vancouver.re-boot.html . . . but PT regulars have their heads so far up their you-know-wots they cannot see beyond the other you-know-wot!

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