1. Leaving one’s driveway by car, at very slow sped, across a sidewalk and a ped path now necessitates yellow bollards, too ?
    Is this really necessary ? Do we bill the property owner for these bollards ?
    No wonder we have a homeless problem in Vancouver if we find money for this, yet not for far bigger issues like homelessness !

    1. I don’t see the bollards as being necessary for the property owners entering their driveways. They would be for the drivers otherwise choosing to park in the bike lanes. Probably cheaper than stationing a bylaw officer at this location, don’t you think?

    2. I see .. a parking management tool ?
      Isn’t it obvious that one is not supposed to park in the green lanes ?

        1. What we therefore need is an email address or app where bikers ( or peds or neighbors) can take a picture, send it to the app/email address with location details and a tow truck gets dispatched to tow the offender.

  2. To me, bollards say “whoops, we missed a safety hazard in the design”.
    A raised bike lane might achieve similar safety gains, prompting drivers to be careful.

  3. Those bollards are outside the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and Jericho Tennis Club where the entitled and their servants frequently miss other motorized and non-motorized citizens by narrow margins.

  4. What often seems to be ignored is how much danger bollards themselves pose to cyclists. I’ve witnessed several collisions between cyclists and bollards, unfortunately more often than not the metal variety (these appear to be plastic). Clipping a handlebar on an immovable object at any sort of speed can have disastrous consequences.
    Off hand:
    – I had a friend rolling a little too fast who clipped a bar – the other end came around and smashed him in the sternum, cracking his rib cage – he was unable to ride after that for quite a long time
    – A first-time couple joined our group for a ride one day, they left 10 minutes before the rest of us. When we came around a bend later on we happened upon them – she had tagged a bollard with her bars and gone down hard. Split her lip open, significantly scraped up her cheek, blood everywhere. They’ve never come riding again.
    On the other end of the scale, quite often bollards are removed for temporary vehicle access leaving a 2″ metal collar sticking out of the ground. I’ve got a fair share of injury stories along that line too.

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