Peter Berkeley, PT’s Brisbane correspondent, keeps sending us so much good stuff, he deserves his own head – hence The Bugle. 
Stuff like this:


CopenhagenFrom Wired:
Copenhagen has long been leading the world in citizen-pleasing infrastructure, and the city has yet again outdone itself. In June, it welcomed the Cykelslangen, or Cycle Snake, an elevated cyclist roadway over the harbor to ease congestion. …
Cykelslangen (pronounced soo-cool-klag-en) adds just 721 feet of length to the city’s 220 miles of bicycle paths, but it relieves congestion by taking riders over instead of through a waterfront shopping area. …
The Cykelslangen winds around the harbor front, in juxtaposition to the grid-like architecture of the area. This element of the design is, for all its beauty, purposeful. Bicycle roads have a maximum allowable gradient to prevent riders from picking up too much speed, and to allow riders on cargo bikes to ascend easily. Making it curved adds length so the elevation changes can be gradual.


Ron Richings passes along a link to Bicycle Dutch – and the constant upgrades to their system:



Way more here.


  1. What’s interesting to me is that we’re seeing landscaped dividers in Copenhagen. Is that a first? I don’t recall any when I was there in 2012. Is this Vancouver’s gift to transportation planning?

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