When I got a call from Chris Bruntlett, proposing to do a shoot for Cycle Chic of me as an urban cyclist, well of course I agreed.  But I suggested we should also include my husband, Len, since he too is a transportation cyclist and, even more, has had experience as a randonneur, or marathon cyclist.  That way it wouldn’t be just me expounding on the politics of cycling and other fun planning stuff.

I needn’t have worried.  All that ended up on the digital cutting-room floor.  Instead what resulted was a profile of us a couple, on an afternoon jaunt in the West End on a cold day in November.  Rather like today.

Getting on your bike in the winter in Vancouver? It’s not that bad, right? Just slap on a tuque, wrap on a giant scarf, and you’re good to go.

This November, Vancouver Cycle Chic had the chance to spend the day with Gordon Price, a former member of the Vancouver City Council who lives in the West End. A veteran politician, Gord has always taken an interest in making Vancouver the most liveable city it can be. He and his partner Len Sobo also happen to ride their bikes around a lot, and that caught our attention.
So we made a short film about them. What a beautiful city we live in, regardless of the drizzle.


It was great watching Chris, David and the crew put together something that seems so seamless in the end.  Those guys are pros.  Our thanks for the experience.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Gord, and thank you for the incredibly kind words. It was an absolute pleasure spending an afternoon with you and Len, and hopefully the finished film captures just a fragment of your wonderful lives, relationship, and history. I look forward to sharing it with audiences across North America in the coming months!

  2. Hi Chris: fine video. You should pardon the expression, but it’s a moving portrait of two people in a very Vancouver setting.

  3. Really good film making which catches the warmth of Gordon and Len’s relationship, and their love for the city and cycling. Congrats to all.

  4. Chris, you’ve captured Len and Gordon’s relationship – and told their story – so beautifully, just by showing what is. Thank you to both of you for bravely sharing your authenticity with all – never more needed than right now. This video is such a gift – I smile all the way through it!

    1. Cheers Roland! We are indeed looking for sponsors for our next series of films, although we’re hoping to find some local businesses interesting in collaborating with us. We are going to save the crowdfunding option for another, more ambitious project in 2015! If you, or someone you know might be interested, drop us an email: contact@vancouvercyclechic.ca. Thanks again for watching! 🙂

  5. Lovely little vignette of Vancouver but guys!!!! you should really wear a brain bucket. One bad fall and its over.

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