A mix of items submitted by PT readers (well, mainly Tom Durning):



From New York-based Center for Urban Pedagogy, something we could use here.  (“Too much at stake to leave the education on these issues to academics, municipal politicians and bureaucrats,” says Tom.)

The Affordable Housing Toolkit helps communities answer the all-important question, “Affordable to whom?”

cup_postcard_02_23_102_560The kit is an interactive workshop tool with activities that break down affordable housing policy into easy-to-understand visuals. …  A guidebook explains New York’s affordable housing programs and who is eligible to use them, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to run a workshop. The online map let’s you instantly chart the income demographics of any NYC neighborhood and print it out to share with elected officials or other audiences.

Details and video here.



From the always-insightful Fraseropolis blog: Affordable housing: a survey of 15 Metro Vancouver cities

… a 2011 report by Margaret Eberle and associates on affordable housing and housing diversity.

The report, submitted to the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation,  measures the performance of 15 Metro Vancouver municipalities – the 15 largest – in implementing the 2007 regional housing strategy.

The regional strategy listed 35 ways that local governments can promote housing affordability for renters and owners.  The Eberle report finds that, as of last summer, Vancouver City had adopted 80 per cent of the recommended actions, Delta had adopted 23 per cent, and other municipalities sat in between.  (Incidentally, the appropriate municipal policies were often in place long before the 2007 strategy appeared.)



The video of David Hulchanksi’s presentation (plus panel) on October 30, 2013, co-sponsored by Housing Justice and the Canadian Rental Housing Coalition:



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