It’s been over a year since I produced an issue of the ‘traditional’ Price Tags: a multi-page pdf file on a single topic, typically profiling aspects of a single city.  For instance, Shanghai.
You can find all 110 issues by clicking on “PDF Archive” immediately below the ‘Price Tags’ title of this blog,  on the right.
And now, Issue 111:




It’s a big file, so depending on your computer, it may take a bit to download – here.

This is actually a condensation of the posts I did on Las Vegas a week ago, but with a stronger storyline and some additional pictures.

I’ll be sending it out to those who subscribed to Price Tags before I switched over to this blog format.  But you can do me a favour: please forward this post or a link of the Las Vegas issue to anyone you know who might be interested in the subject or those who might wish to receive any other Price Tags in the future.

They can subscribe by mailing me a request to .

And feel free to add any observations to Comments, below.


  1. I had a nightmare in the early hours of this morning. When I tried to recall it, my partner asked me how I knew it was Las Vegas I was dreaming about, since I have never been there. “Because of Price Tags” I answered. And subsequently I also recalled where the “plot” of the dream came from. A relentless timeshare presentation we could not escape from. I don’t think we will be visiting there any time soon.

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