Vancouver may be known for its thin-tower-and-podium form of development, particularly for residential highrises, but Brisbane should get some credit for ‘Midrise Modernism’ – a style that takes the simplicity of modernist design and, with a few twists and some colour, integrates nicely into the existing scale of the city.

Like this small office building:

Love that little bite out of the canopy at the top.

Here’s a nice stand-alone project in the West End.  Note the shift in angle of the roof and the play of louvres on both the windows and walls:


Mixed-use is everywhere – notably in South Bank and here in the new Portside project where the cruise ships come upriver to what was previously an industrial landscape.  The towers are behind the midrise complexes that interface nicely with the riverwalk:

Tomorrow, residential midrise.



  1. The scale of the office building in that first pic reminds me of the Scotiabank Dance Centre on Granville Street – also nice juxtaposition of old and new.
    The bite out of the top reminds me of Bing Thom’s “clouds” on the 900 block of Howe (same colour deep green glass as this one, too).

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