From the Vancouver Biennale:

“A-maze-ing Laughter”, by renowned Chinese artist Yue Minjun, has become one of the most beloved works of public art ever to be exhibited in Vancouver. From classes of school children to groups of senior citizens, A-maze-ing Laughter has become a magnetic destination that has sparked the imaginations and brought endless joy to countless residents and visitors alike.

 The Vancouver Parks Board has received an offer from the Vancouver Biennale Foundation to extend the public exhibition of this sculpture for a period of 20 years at no cost to the City, the Vancouver Parks Board or residents.
As part of the approval process, Vancouver Parks Board is doing a public consultation, asking residents if they support the idea.
Please take two minutes and send an email saying “I support keeping Amazing Laughter at Morton Park” to  Put “Biennale Consultation” in the subject line.
The deadline is March 16th.


  1. The hole left by the removal of Olas de Viento from Garry Point left me feeling unaccountably sad. I have done as you asked and tried to endure this one stays.

    There is, of course, no hope of getting the upside down church back

  2. How lucky we are to have had this extraordinary art intervention.
    Everyone has a reaction to it, and wants to wander within the group of figures!
    This sculpture also serves as a reference and meeting point for walking citizens and visitors. It is the Birks Clock of the 21st century…easily identified by all, and in a place you do not mind standing, waiting or looking.

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