A 40-year old legacy lives on –  on-line.


It started in 1973. It happened again in 1990. And now it’s back. The third Greater Vancouver Urban Futures Opinion Survey has launched, but this time with a difference. Everything will be online.

The Urban Futures Opinion Survey 2012 – now available at www.urbanfuturessurvey.com  – is the third in a series of geographically-specific research studies that measure the importance of a number of issues to residents across the Lower Mainland. Previous surveys helped inform the creation of the Livable Region Plan and the Choosing our Future program.

The 2012 survey will update and enhance the information available about public attitudes and experiences of the population over three points in time. This information will be invaluable to planners and policy makers at all levels and can be completed in the time it takes to have your morning coffee.

“I am not aware of any other urban region that has an extensive body of longitudinally comparable information such as this available to assist the decision-making process.” says Ken Cameron, former manager of policy and planning for the GVRD.

The previous surveys involved sit-down and telephone interviews but this time will be delivered online by PlaceSpeak, which ties respondents to their household location.  “The improvement in consultation and citizen empowerment offered by PlaceSpeak is very significant.” explains former Vancouver Mayor and BC Premier, Mike Harcourt. “At its best, PlaceSpeak represents the next generation in the evolution of community engagement.”

The survey is being conducted with the sponsorship of Lambda Alpha International, Vancouver Chapter and the support of the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the City of Surrey, the City of North Vancouver, Translink, and Vancity Credit Union.

Want to participate?  (You’ll have to register withPlaceSpeak.) Start here:

Urban Futures Survey link:  http://www.urbanfuturessurvey.com/

Urban Futures Survey on PlaceSpeak: www.placespeak.com/urbanfuturessurvey

About PlaceSpeak: PlaceSpeak connects people’s online identities with their residential addresses so that they can voice their opinions electronically in a wide variety of forums and provide policy-makers with confidence that they are receiving feedback from the right places.

Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/urbanfuturessurvey

Join the conversation on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PlaceSpeak (Urban Futures Survey HashTag: #taketheUFS)

For more information about the Urban Futures Survey, please refer to the following tools and websites:

    • A report written on the findings of the 1990 survey.
    • Housing results found through the 1990 survey.
    • Summary of the history of the 1990 Urban Futures Opinion Survey.


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