Yes, yes, we know: world’s most liveable city.  But here’s how they did it, as explained by their urban designer, Rob Adams – in an SFU City Program lecture, sponsored by Metro Vancouver:

Melbourne is considered one of the most livable cities in the world. It has garnered considerable recognition for its success in transforming over the last 25 years the centre of Melbourne from a car-oriented office core to a dynamic mixed-use community with a vibrant public realm. Rob Adams, the Director of City Design for Melbourne, shares some of his experiences in leading this transformation and how Melbourne’s success could be applied to development in Metro Vancouver’s key centres.

The Metro Vancouver region has been noted for its ability to accommodate growth while maintaining good quality of life for residents. Still, Metro Vancouver faces challenges in advancing the goals of the recently approved Regional Growth Strategy to ensure regional land use patterns help create vibrant, accessible communities and support transit, walking and cycling throughout the region.

[For Rob’s take on the Economist list of Most Liveable Cities, check out 40:14 on the video.]

And here’s another way for Melbourne to be even better – at least their universities – by copying UBC’s transportation strategy and the Vancouver-style U-Pass, according to this story in The Age.

More here at Ouno on Rob Adams visit.

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