Tom Durning sends along some pics of Sky Park, a mixed-use complex in Marina Bay, Singapore designed by Moshe Safdie – he who did Vancouver’s Central Library.

Gotta say that it looks absurd to me, and even somewhat clunky.  (But I’d love to go for a swim up there. )

In fact, there’s a much more appealing passerelle leading to it than the pretentiousness inside:

Charlie Rose recently did an interview with Safdie here – in which he characterized Sky Park as Singapore’s Eiffel Tower.

UPDATE: For some reason (probably a search engine algorithm), this post continues to be one of the most popular on Price Tags.  So here’s a video to add to the interest – an overview of how the 150-metre long pool was constructed in a mere span of 7 months.


  1. My goodness. It takes a remarkable personality to start an international career in architecture after a controversial career as novelist and political figure. Mr. Rushdie is remarkably talented.

    …And I didn’t realize he was involved with the Vancouver Library project. How interesting that two men with Israeli names worked together: Salman Rushdie and Moshe Safdie.

  2. I have to say it does look clunky from the first perspective, but I thought it looked good in the other views. Guess it may have to be one of those things you have to see in person to decide if it is ‘great’ or overhyped. Love the pedestrian bridge though.

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