This is unique to Surrey:


SFU & City of Surrey Transportation Lecture Program

The Transportation Lecture Program is the first of its kind in B.C. 

This is an opportunity to learn more about transportation and the role it plays in the shaping and development of our City.  In partnership with the City Program – Simon Fraser University (SFU), the City of Surrey Engineering Department is offering a unique opportunity for citizens, professionals, and stakeholders to learn more about transportation in Surrey with topics including:
  • Who’s responsible for different types of transportation and their relationship
  • How transportation is funded, regionally and locally
  • How we plan new transportation systems and networks
  • How we operate and manage our roads
  • What the relationship is between transportation and land use, in a growing city like Surrey.

Even if you’re not a resident of Surrey, you’re eligible for the 10 sessions, starting September 14 in the new Surrey Central Library.  Classes occur once a week for three hours in the evening (total of 30 hours).  The program also includes a site visit to some of the development areas in Surrey for an on-site discussion.

And you’re elibible for a scholarship to cover most of the $300 tuition. 

Disclosure: this is a course hosted by the SFU City Program, of which I’m the director.  So in my completely unbiased opinion, this is a great deal for anyone interested in how their community actually works.  The staff is really committed and enthusiastic about the course – and the contact you have with them and other members of the class makes it a very special opportunity.

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