I was at the Concord Presentation Centre a few weeks ago and noticed some remarkable photos – three aerial shots taken from close to the same perspective that reveal the dramatic transformation of the North Shore of False Creek in the last three decades.

From railyard and industrial basin:

To World’s Fair site:

To master-planned megaproject:

Thanks to Peter Udzenija and Concord Pacific.


  1. The transformation of downtown south is just as impressive, also considering that wasn’t masterplanned at all.

    Although the first thing I noticed was the old Cambie Street bridge in the top photo. For someone just turning 24 that’s quite something to see there.

  2. The first photo looks like it was taken on BC Place inflation day, Nov. 14, 1982. If the resolution was higher I’m sure I’d be visible there on the south seawall of False Creek.

  3. So, jobs for working class people have been sent packing and chic apartments for rich people has been substituted. It’s called “Vancouverism”, and a lot of people really like it a lot, such as property owners and realtors and City Hall officials.

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