So much happening, it’s hard to keep up.  Here are a few samples.

The curtain has been drawn to reveal the upgraded Portland Hotel:

And just down Hastings Street, another new non-market housing development in the final stages:

Robert Fung’s Salient Group is near completion on the Paris Block and Annex:

As well as the Terminus project, including a spiffy new paint job and restoration on the Alhambra Hotel, one of the oldest buildings in the city:

From the roof of one of the condo additions, you can look down on the roof garden of the relocated Inform Interiors on Water Street:


  1. Great pictures of my favourite part of town. I was sad to learn that the Maple Square upgrades were pushed back till at least 2012 though as there wasn’t the money in the current capital budget. Hopefully it’s only a small setback and the area continues pushing forward.

  2. Love the Portland Hotel – now that’s a strong use of colour. Thanks for the updates on all the good news in that part of town.

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